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Best Netflix Series to Watch

We can all make perfect use of our time indoors, thanks to Netflix. If it’s catching up with one episode of ‘Friends’ when enjoying food or a binge-watch Saturday night, these days, Netflix has been the best friend of any teen. Here is the list of best netflix series to watch when ever you are looking for cutting your time or you have your screen time increased.

Best Netflix shows: The top binge worthy TV series to watch

Suits – Suits is a television show about an American legal series. It is set in a fictional New York City law firm and follows the life of a brilliant dropout from college, Mike, who, despite never having completed law school, begins working as a law associate for Harvey Specter. The show focuses on closing proceedings for Harvey and Mike while keeping Mike’s secret.

Friends – This is one show that simply requires no description. For over two decades, Friends has been everybody’s personal fav. The show lasted for a good 10 seasons, revolving around the lives of 6 friends, and is one of the best series on Netflix you will ever see!

Money Heist – Money Heist is a Netflix Original Spanish action thriller series about eight robbers trying to pull off the world’s greatest heist ever seen – printing billions of euros at Spain’s Royal Mint. A thrilling series that will keep you at your seat’s edge!

The Real Housewives Of New York City – A fast-paced reality show following a bunch of Manhattan women who are extremely busy and ambitious. The plot of the novel is how their lives unfold as they balance social calendars, their jobs, and motherhood, with the hustle and bustle of the big city surrounding them.

Stranger Things – A horror series which revolves around a group of friends and a lost boy’s family. How these bunch of people set out to find the boy is framed throughout the entire series. It’s a must-watch if all things scary are loved by you.

Never Have I Ever – Never Have I Ever is a tale about Devi, a young American Indian girl. It’s about how she deals with her father’s recent death and how she navigates through her dating life and high school.

These are few of the best netflix series to watch whenever you are looking for the best story when you are looking to spend your time. Keep visiting to know more.

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